Men grooming, a growing market to which brands must adapt

During the past decade, the market of cosmetic for men has literally exploded. What used to be a niche market is now a very competitive market and is constantly evolving. According to the NPD Group, it is one of the most important growth generators of the whole industry. The most affected markets are of course the United States and Europe (including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom). But we must not forget that this is on the new markets (such as China) that we observe the highest growth rates.

More than a trend, men now place more importance in their beauty care, these increases go hand in hand with the increase in sales of electrical appliances for men. For example electric clippers sales increased by 10% between 2001 and 2012. These increases can be explained sociologically by the change of male beauty standards influencing the younger generation or the desire to be a more elegant for the older generation.

With such increase, the battle between manufacturers is obviously up to par, maybe even too much for some. Indeed, although very attractive, this market remains complicated to understand. If men give more importance to their beauty and personal care, they do not use the same communication and distribution channels than women. Beauty salons, a point of sale used by most manufacturers are mainly frequented by women. The dilemma is to rethink the world of cosmetic and personal care until built around women. Complicated but full of opportunities, this young market should be a decisive asset for manufacturers for the coming years.

Source : Premium Beauty News - 2012 - Vincent Gallon

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