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Sell your products


  • Plan to have a fulfillment company in the USA for your products

​US retailers want to buy FOB United States. They ask the company that want to sell in the USA to have a third party to do the fulfillment in the USA.

USAFrance, LLC has partnered with logistic companies which can ship to retailers ranging from small boutiques to major retailers including Sephora, Macy’s, ….


The services include:


Pick-up and delivery of products

Inventory receiving

Secure storage and warehousing

Detailed inventory cataloging

Online inventory management and control

Fast and accurate order fulfillment processing

Product delivery, shipping and distribution

- Cosmetic display set-up and take-down in retailers


  • Online selling: Website and Social medias program: 


With our partners we can help your company develop an ecommerce operation for selling in the United States: from website design to logistics, order management to product shipment, to end customers.


  • Have your own sales force: 


​Managing a sales force in the USA: Challenges of managing your US-based representatives include different time zones and cultures. We provide expertise in sales management and deliver sales forecasts and activity reports every week.


  • How to integrate a market without arriving out of the blue

The market is full of cosmetic companies trying to grab every market share they can, the competition is strong and multinational companies are powerful. This is why we advise to find a niche to sell and market smartly yours cosmetics. Internet can offer that to new entrants and lead them to success. But remember, you must sell via the right distributor that matches with your products and the philosophy of your company.

- Trade show display setup

- Cosmetic product shelving

- Returns management

- Order tracking

- Pick and pack services

- Kitting (gift baskets, holiday sets, etc.)

- Gift with purchase promotions

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