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Organic Cosmetics 


The organic & natural cosmetics industry is growing every day. Just as its distribution. Of course, organic cosmetic brands sell their products through usual distribution channels such as the department stores, the pharmacies, the retailers or the Hair Care salons. But they also target retailers specialized in organic and natural products (Whole Foods for example).


The organic industry is the most profitable trend of the moment, which is why all the brands launch new organic products and why innovative distribution channels have been created during the past few years.Warning! If you claim selling “organic” cosmetics, you must be certified as organic by the USDA NOP standards (United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program).


Certification required depending on the claim:


  • “Organic” product claim: 95% of organic ingredients -> Certification by the NOP.

  • “Made with organic ingredients” claim: 70% of organic ingredients -> Certification by the NOP.

  • “Contains organic ingredients” -> Certified to the NSF 305 ANSI Standard for Organic Personal Care products.

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