Multi-Level Marketing is another system used to distribute cosmetics. Its principal is simple and started with the brand Tupperware, which has nothing to do with cosmetics but allows to easily understand. The MLM designates a sales structure in which dealers can sponsor new dealers (or salespeople) and then be partly compensated by a commission on sales made by recruits. Multi-level marketing companies selling via products on their networks produce through "consultants".


The cosmetic industry uses these MLM companies often to distribute their cosmetics. Here are a few examples of U.S. MLM companies:


  • Avon

  • Forever Living Products

  • Melaleuca Mannatech

  • Mary Kay

  • Nu Skin Entreprises

  • Oriflame

  • Herbalife


If you want to engage in this type of sale, you will need a sales representative on site who knows well the art of MLM and has already set up its own network. In all case, you’ll have to be persistent and patient!