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How we can help you?


Our company USAFrance, LLC Dba Cosmetic Export assists American and European companies to export their cosmetic products to France, Europe & USA.


One of our flagship industries is cosmetic for which we have developed an extensive network in France, in Europe and in USA.


We are able to offer a range of services based on the needs of our customers such as:

  • A simple marketing study

  • The development of business plan for the export

  • The creation of a virtual office in the France

  • The research of qualified partners, distributors and possibly subcontractors if necessary

  • Validation and modification (if necessary) of commercial documents, labels, brochures, training materials, web sites and internet buzz- Registration of products (if necessary)

  • The implantation study


More information:

Our thinking

"Create cosmetics that make sense is like going into politics and actually trying to change the world."


Pierre-Emmanuel SAUBADE

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